Helping SMEs advance their digital transformation: The SURE5.0 Catalogue of Service Providers is now live

Apr 11, 2023 | News & events

The SURE5.0 project is proud to announce the launch of its Catalogue of Service Providers, an online platform where companies can register to offer their services to SMEs participating in the SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme.

The SURE5.0 project, which aims to support the transition of SMEs to Industry 5.0, recognises the critical role that service providers play in helping companies to implement recommendations made in the frame of the assessment and the consortium services. The Catalogue of Service Providers provides a centralised hub where SMEs can find a range of digital transformation solutions that meet their unique needs.

Service providers that register on the Catalogue can offer one or several of the following services: smart factory services, environmental sustainability services, human-centricity services, and industrial resilience services. By offering these services, service providers can help SMEs become more human-centric, sustainable, and resilient while advancing their digital transformation process.

The SURE5.0 Catalogue of Service Providers offers a win-win solution for both SMEs and service providers. SMEs participating in the SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme can easily access a variety of high-quality digital transformation services, while service providers can gain exposure to a targeted audience of potential customers. Also, awarded SMEs of the Open Call will receive up to 50,000 € to contract an external service of the Catalogue.

To register as a service provider on the SURE5.0 Catalogue, companies can visit the SURE5.0 website and complete the registration process. By joining the Catalogue, service providers can become part of a community of like-minded companies committed to advancing digital transformation in the SME sector. The SURE5.0 project is excited to launch this new initiative and believes that the Catalogue of Service Providers will play a critical role in helping SMEs to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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