As part of the SURE5.0 Open call, awarded SMEs will receive a voucher of up to 50,000€ to contract an external service to help them to implement the recommendations made in the frame of the assessment and the consortium services.

Costs incurred with contracting services listed in the CSP will be fully eligible in the budget of SMEs receiving FSTP.

If you are a service provider, this is your opportunity to join the SURE5.0 project and support European SMEs operating in the Mobility, Transport & Automotive (MTA), Aerospace & Defense, and Electronics manufacturing value chain, acting as technology or service adopters, to advance in their digital transformation process while becoming more human-centric, sustainable, and resilient.

If selected to support SMEs in the framework of the 2nd phase of the Acceleration Programmes, you will be in charge of providing one or several of the following services:


Smart Factory services

Technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, cloud computing, and the industrial Internet of things (IOT).

Environmental Sustainability services

Implementation of circular processes that reuse, repurpose, and recycle resources, efficient usage of energy, limiting emissions by improving processes and preventing and managing the waste generated in an Organization.

Human-Centricity services

Mass customization of products at different levels of manufacturing, product traceability along the entire supply chain / product lifecycle.

Industrial Resilience services

Flexible and adaptable technologies, appropriate worker-skill sets, visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain and strategic readiness towards disruptions form the building blocks of resilient organizations.

Following your application, our team will review the profile submitted. If you are selected, you will be referenced as a Service provider in the context of the specific Complementary Service Providers Catalogue and your information will be accessible for selected SMEs and any other SME interested in transitioning towards Industry 5.0.

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