SURE5.0 launches new webinars to learn about the basics of Industry 5.0

Oct 10, 2023 | News & events

Since March 2023, the SURE5.0 European project has been organizing a series of free webinars with the aim of get familiar with the basics of industry 5.0. These events, which take place in a quarterly basis, aim to create awareness about a new era in the industry, where manufacturing companies must rely on advanced technologies to turn their processes more human-centric, sustainable and resilient.

These webinars, mainly addressed to SMEs from the Mobility, Transport and Automotive, Aerospace and Defence; and Electronics ecosystems (although opened to any other kind of stakeholders with interest in the field), will help the attendants to understand the benefits of industry 5.0, acquire knowledge about advanced technological solutions, as well as to know best practices that can use as a reference to advance in their transformation process.

Up to date, three webinars have already been organized: one about the concept of industry 5.0, another focused on the topics of sustainability and circular economy and the last one on additive manufacturing, with an average participation of around 70 people.

But other SURE5.0 open webinars are planned to be organized in the future, covering interesting topics such as cybersecurity, virtual/augmented reality, mobile robots, upskilling and reskilling, digital twin and artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned to our website and social networks and don’t miss the opportunity to join us at these so inspiring events, so you can be updated on the latest technologies and exchange experiences with experts and other companies.