Muutech Monitoring Solutions S.L.

Organisation Overview

At Muutech we are specialists in industrial monitoring. We help industrial companies to increase their competitiveness through agile decision-making, based on real-time data and without wasting time in generating reports.

Minerva is our industrial monitoring and analytics platform, with which you will be able to connect to any machine, sensor, IT system, PLC, ERP or database and start getting value from the data from the first minute and customized to your needs.

In addition, we complement the platform witn an expert monitoring service that covers all configuration, maintenance, best practices and support services, making the learning curve for the customer zero. For all this, we offer a complete service, providing the necessary tools to visualize and report failures before they occur, thus helping data-driven decision making, which helps to improve the company’s bottom line and, additionally, avoids the cost of hiring specific personnel, achieving significant savings.

Address: Área Portuaria de Bouzas s/n, Ed. Consorcio Zona Franca Of1 – Oficina C2 36208 Vigo
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    Business sector(s) of expertise
    Mobility; Transport; Automotive

    Industry 5.0 services you could provide
    Smart Factory

    Big Data, Connectivity, Internet of Things