Organisation Overview

Bitrezus is a space startup established in Athens Greece in 2021. We are currently an ESA BIC incubatee, and full members of Corallia (si-Cluster) and Hellenic Association of Space Industry (Greece).

We are developing Astropledge ( ), helping the space industry reduce the risk of cyberattacks for space and terrestrial infrastructure, providing real-time consensus, smart governance and secure management, in a hybrid, no-trust environment, for resilient and cyber-proof mission operations.

Astropledge can be easily adopted for the defence sector to help mitigate cyber risks utilizing zero-trust, secure governance, advanced end-to-end cryptography and ensure asset resiliency.

Our “DAO4GOV5” blockchain module of Astropledge Cybersecurity Platform Solution can fully cover the gap between heterogenous computing & software systems, integrated with a fully human centric approach of proposals voting between not trusted actors, leveraging the Zero Trust and High Efficient Cryptographic Protocols.

We have already been assigned a ESA contract as subcontractors under the Greek Cubesat call, to deliver a tamper-proof module to verify the integrity of satellite imagery for end-to-end space service value chain and planning for several other private and research proposals with partners.

Address: Tritis Septemvriou 8, 10432 Athens – Greece
Telephone: +302104409899



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Aerospace and Defence

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Smart Factory

Blockchain, Security