Discovering the future of manufacturing in the new webinar about Digital Twin and AI

Apr 18, 2024 | News & events

Prepare to witness the future of manufacturing and logistics unfold before your eyes with our upcoming webinar: “Digital Twin and AI: the new frontiers for the manufacturing industry.” Scheduled for Monday 17 June, this virtual event promises a deep dive into the transformative technologies shaping tomorrow’s factories.

Webinar agenda:
– Daniel Grünbaum, Data Scientist at ams OSRAM, will explain the revolutionary potential of Bayesian Optimization in redesigning experiments.
– Marcus Gumberger, Senior Engineer in Operational IT at ams OSRAM, will provide an overview of Digital Twin technology.
– Alexander Kreppein, Research Fellow & Project Manager at Fraunhofer IPT, will explore the integration of Artificial Intelligence into production processes.
– Felix Primo, CEO of EVESTEL, will showcase real-world AI use cases reshaping manufacturing paradigms.

Attendees will learn about this cutting-edge technologies, gaining invaluable insights into their applications and potential impact on the industry. Moreover, the webinar will offer a Q&A session at the end, offering participants the opportunity to engage directly with the experts and address their questions.

Register here to the webinar