Announcing the selected companies of SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme

Jun 22, 2023 | News & events

Meet here all the selected companies participating in the SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme! These innovative and forward-thinking companies have been carefully chosen for their outstanding potential and commitment to advancing in the ecosystems of Mobility-Transport-Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and Electronics. Throughout this programme, these companies will receive support and guidance from industry experts, enabling them to propel their digital transformation journey while embracing human-centricity, sustainability, and industrial resilience. With their groundbreaking projects and dedication to driving positive change, these companies are poised to make a lasting impact on the industry and shape the future of Industry 5.0.

Bluecover Technologies ➡️ Specialised in geolocation services providing mobile apps and IoT products for transports, surveillance and aerospace businesses.

Bora S.p.A. ➡️ Performs design, manufacturing and maintenance of tools, in addition to sheet metal stamping of components for automotive and household appliances industries.

CISC Semiconductor GmbH ➡️ A leading standardization consultant and an active member of various industry associations; dedicated to providing competitive and innovative products and solutions to improve performance, conformance, interoperability, security and privacy.

GreenTwin GmbH ➡️ It develops space-based downstream applications utilising Copernicus Earth Observation data, regional imagery and measurements related to raw materials and renewable energy sources.

Iltar-Italbox ➡️ Design and modelling of expanded polypropylene elements and components for the automotive and packaging industry.

Klaxon Mobility ➡️ Development of innovative mobility solutions for people with limited mobility based on state-of-the-art technologies. Klaxon designs, develops, produces and markets high quality products tailored to the needs of wheelchair users.

MegaRide – applied vehicle research ➡️ A consolidated international player in tires and vehicle dynamics simulations. Its main target is the development and the commercialization of software for tire testing, analysis and simulations, both for motorsport and automotive applications.

NET- Automation GmbH ➡️ Specialist for IoT solutions in the areas mobility, transport and critical infrastructures. Thanks to the in-house developed NETBEE IoT technology, they can adapt to individual customer requirements faster and more flexibly than their competitors.

O’NEAL ➡️ Innovative development and production of accessories, protectors and clothing dedicated to motor sports and motorcycling.

Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH ➡️ Development and manufacture of systems and technologies for industries that require a low-contamination environment in their daily operations, such as the pharmaceutical and life science sector, animal research, food, and electronics industry.

Planetek Hellas ➡️ Develops and integrates hardware and software infrastructures for the acquisition, processing and distribution of remote sensing data along their entire chain of production: from Earth Observation to Deep Space; from the Space Segment to the Ground Segment and the User Segment.

PocPoc ➡️ Leading force in the marine drone technology sector, providing advanced solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and reliability within the maritime industry. With expertise in marine drone inspections and predictive maintenance, underlined by our solid commitment to sustainability through the reduction of carbon emissions using our drone technology.

POLAR Developments ➡️ A startup dedicated to the development of advanced solutions within the field of mechanical engineering, it is a private initiative that arises from the technology transfer of space technology created in the European Space Agency.

Reusable Technologies ➡️ Development of advanced solutions for the reuse of e-waste in new products.

Scootable ➡️ A startup company that develops software solutions for micromobility companies that launch their own sharing vehicle business.

Synchro SRL ➡️ Specialised from the beginning in the distribution of equipment for measuring and monitoring environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, light, and more.

VERTLINER ➡️ Specialised in aerial field-robotics for autonomous operations. It deploys custom-built unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and AI-enabled software for the inspection and monitoring of indoor environments, transforming physical processes into digital assets.