Organisation Overview

Wavecom is a communications engineering company, committed to innovation and the creation of its own and differentiating solutions. Has 20 years of experience in managing RDI projects, namely in R&D projects (mostly European) with close cooperation with the National Scientific and Technological System.

As a result of its strong background in R&D, Wavecom is also a manufacturer, characterised by the solid know-how and expertise in wireless and IP-based systems and applications, connectivity solutions for smart cities, smart transportation and the internet of things.

Real Time location and tracking solutions for industry

Wavecom offers a platform that integrates different RFID and RTLS solutions to provide seamless identification, positioning and tracking of assets and people.
There is no technology able to address all use cases, different technologies have different pros and cons. This multi-technology platform enables partners to integrate RFID and RTLS solutions into their applications, taking advantage of different technologies, without the need for a deep understanding of how they work.
Wavecom is also able to develop RFID and RTLS technology for specific applications, when there are no solutions available on the market, ranging from: Automation and optimization of processes and routes; Tracking of raw material, work-in-progress or finished product; Reduction of times tool location; Process improvement inventory and maintenance.

Connected Bus

Wavecom presents specific gateways for BUS operators, enabling thousands of vehicles connected and centrally managed, providing high grade Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers, monitoring the exact number of passengers between bus stops, and providing a way to collect their profiles and communicate with them via customised captive portals. Also integrates with CAD AVL and onboard systems, namely: Ticketing, Passenger Information and CCTV.

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Business sector(s) of expertise
Mobility; Transport; Automotive, Electronics

Industry 5.0 services you could provide
Smart Factory

Connectivity, Internet of Things