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VESevo is an innovative device conceived with the aim to analyse the tires tread viscoelasticity, overcoming the usual issues related to the need to remove samples to test, making the whole tires then unusable.

This type of information, provided to tire users and producers, makes it possible to predict the behavior of the tire and of the entire vehicle, in variable operating and progressive wear condition to which they are subjected during the races or the life cycle.

The device, protected by international patents and developed by a research group from University of Naples, reached in less than 2 yearS 5 teams from Formula 1, 4 from Formula E, 2 from the World Rally Championship, 2 from MotoGP, 1 from Nascar and about 30 more customers from 4 continents racing series. In 2021 it was adopted by 4 tire manufacturing companies for quality control in production.

Such industrial scenario opened new perspectives to the project, nowadays oriented to the development of new branches, oriented to the further development of an automated module able to monitor the production quality of polymeric goods, for automotive industry and not only.

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Mobility; Transport; Automotive

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