SREC Solutions

Organisation Overview

SREC offers an innovative platform to autonomously assist workers and supervise processes such as production, quality assessment or maintenance, due to lack of data and worker’s subjective decision-making, with these features:

1) EASY PLUG&PLAY DATA COLLECTION from low-digital skilled workers through simple-choice forms, multilanguage AI natural language understanding (NLU) and generation (NLG), and IoT low-cost tags.

2) INTEROPERABLE DATA AGGREGATOR, to manage data from machinery and client’s databases (e.g. ERP) integrated with workers data.

3) EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE, which provides automated task guidance, alerts, and assistance, compatible with any interactive industrial-skilled device by text and voice with improved performance under noise levels up to 85 dB without dedicated hardware (e.g. headsets).

4) INFRASTRUCTURELESS PRIVACY BY DESIGN, whether running in our GDPR-compliant cloud or deployed in local end-user’s infrastructure with low investments.

Address: Arral de Tanxil 21, 15.920 Rianxo – Spain
Telephone: +34 886 124 964



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Business sector(s) of expertise
Mobility; Transport; Automotive

Industry 5.0 services you could provide
Smart Factory

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things