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Thanks to our multi-disciplinary expertises, we can meet all the challenges of Industry 4.0: robotics, automation, communication, mechanics, IoT…

The OpenIndus solution was created to satisfy three requirements inherent to any development of new innovative technological products:

– Reduce the costs and time needed to validate the concept,
– Allow to go to production quickly once it is validated,
– Facilitate the management of the product’s life after it has been placed on the market.

Our solution is a new generation industrial PLC: miniaturized, modular and connected (Wi-Fi, BT, 4G LTEM, ETHERNET, etc.), operating under the ARDUINO or LINUX framework and intended for industry 4.0 applications. With our solution, our clients could have an affordable and fast access to predictive maintenance or direct data logging from a quality point to the ERP for example.

We also support our customers in the realization of their electronics projects, from the design phase to the integration of electronic boards into a complete system even when our PLC couldn’t be used.

Address: 42 avenue du général de croutte 31100 Toulouse
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Smart Factory, Industrial Resilience services

Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Cloud Computing, Connectivity, Internet of Things, Photonics, Robotics