Norlean Manufacturing and Productividad, S.L.

Organisation Overview

NORLEAN  is a  technology company based on the development and commercialisation of its own platform of digital twins of organization, NOA (Norlean Operations Analyzer).
NOA is a Cloud platform  capable of simulating different scenarios through the analysis of data and processes to improve and optimize the different areas of a company.
Our main competitive advantage is that NOA has been developed as a process simulation software in cloud based on Lean methodology and advanced 3D simulation technology, focused on improving the productivity and competitiveness of companies in the framework of Industry 4.0.  The tool focuses on the development of an intelligent process simulation software that allows to automate decision making based on logical-mathematical and statistical models, with the objective of interrelating data with processes in an efficient and innovative way.

Address: Calle Oporto, 19 – 1 – Coworking, 36201, Vigo (Pontevedra)
Telephone: +34696426488



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    Business sector(s) of expertise
    Mobility; Transport; Automotive, Aerospace and Defence

    Industry 5.0 services you could provide
    Smart Factory, Environmental Sustainability services, Industrial Resilience services

    Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing