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Organisation Overview

Our focus is on automating the knowledge of machinery companies to guide service employees through each service case efficiently.

Machinery companies can be 5 times more profitable with good customer service than with sales. However, the reality is different. Service employees are restricted due to limited access to knowledge:

– 89% of service employees spend at least 30+ minutes a day searching for information
– 50% of service employees lack step-by-step troubleshooting instructions
– 90% of service employees make their own paper-based notes

The limited availability of knowledge can cost an average machinery company more than €110000 per year.

Using AI, NLP and speech recognition, we have developed several products united under M2H Co-Pilot:

1. Case Management: our ticketing software analyzes conversations between service employees and customers, extracts case-related information, and automatically creates tickets for any CRM. At the same time, documentation and assignment to each service case are automatically applied.

2. Knowledge Management: conversations create a knowledge database available to the service employee at any time. Our knowledge management solution immediately shows the service employee, while in interaction with the customer, which problem has occurred at the customer and how it can be solved.

This eliminates the time-consuming search for information in silo structures. Service cases can be standardized, and solution approaches no longer must be laboriously reproduced. Implicit know-how can be captured so that problem-solving no longer depends on just a few. Onboarding of new service employees will be much more smooth. We put service staff back in control, despite a shortage of skilled workers and increasing work intensity.

In addition, we aim to launch our industry-specific LLM (GPT for companies) in 2024.

Address: Simeonscarré 2, 32423 Minden – Germany
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Mobility; Transport; Automotive, Electronics

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Smart Factory, Human-Centricity services, Industrial Resilience services

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