ARTI – Autonomous Robot Technology GmbH

Organisation Overview

We make things moving!
Like literally!

ARTI is a high-tech software start-up developing software for ground-bound autonomous mobile robots. ARTI software modules (AI Kits) are robust enough for real-world scenarios indoors and outdoors and suitable for different industrial fields without any necessary environmental changes. Explore robotic ideas from the very start for high-quality yet cost-efficient solutions. Additionally, improve existing products by adding artificial intelligence to achieve autonomous functionalities. ARTI offers individual and separated AI Kits as well as complete turnkey products. Our software is modular, easily adaptable, and quickly implementable. The ARTI approach enables the customer to choose exactly the solution to fulfil their idea of autonomous vehicle solutions.
Moreover, we offer a broad range of services and consulting regarding mobile robotic projects.
If you are looking for a possible partnership or an investment in leading-edge technology, or if you simply share the idea of autonomous robotic locomotion, get in touch with our team of ARTIsts.

Address: Bundesstraße 83, 8077 Gössendorf – Austria
Telephone: +43 664 5831500



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Business sector(s) of expertise
Mobility; Transport; Automotive

Industry 5.0 services you could provide
Smart Factory, Industrial Resilience services

Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobility, Robotics